Mrs. Paula Kelly

Years teaching: 25 years in education;
16 years at St. Paul.

Biography:  Teaching first grade is a very rewarding experience. I get to be part of the continual learning and growth of my students each day. I feel blessed to teach in an environment where I can share my faith with my students and co-workers.

Contact me:
Phone: (541) 344-1401 ext.313

Mrs. Cissy Kast
Instructional Assistant

Fundraising and Volunteer Coordinator

Years teaching: 9 years as an instructional assistant in grades 1, 3, and 4 at St. Paul

                       2 years as the fundraising and volunteer coordinator

Biography:  As an instructional assistant I have the opportunity to work with multiple age groups. It’s a pleasure to watch children grow and learn over the course of several years. The faith-based environment at St. Paul makes coming to work a joy.

Contact me:

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Welcome to first grade!

First grade is an exciting time as children embark upon new adventures in reading. Language arts are integrated throughout the first grade curriculum. First graders are involved in many language arts learning activities, including phonics, spelling, high frequency words, writing, the Accelerated Reader program, listening center, partner reading, the Reading Buddies program with the 3rd grade class, and the leveled small group and whole group instruction programs.

Our Reader’s Theatre provides the opportunity for students to build their fluency and reading expression skills while having fun performing. Students read and act out plays, poems, and short stories. The highlight of our Reader’s Theatre program is our Passion Play, which is performed for parents on Holy Thursday. Students work on the play for weeks, practicing their lines, songs and stage placements and learning about the life of Jesus.

1st GRADE CURRICULUM (focal points)

God our creator, the Trinity, the Bible, sacraments, liturgical year, prayer(traditional and spontaneous) and worship, Mass, taking care of God's creation, we are followers of Jesus

Language Arts
Phonics, spelling, high frequency words, reading fluency, comprehension, handwriting, sentence writing, forms of writing, grammar, poetry, Reader's theater

Addition, subtraction, comparing numbers, number patterns, geometry, place value, money, problem solving skills, vocabulary, addition and subtraction facts, telling time

Characteristics of living/non-living things, motion, force, scientific inquiry, basic tools, Lego Education

Hygiene, senses, nutrition, fitness, Second Steps, Talking About Touching, Called to Protect

Social Studies
Communities, timelines, local resources, rules, leadership, working as a team, map skills, cultural traditions, holidays, community service as a call to live our Catholic faith

Art, Physical Education, Spanish, Music, Technology, and Library

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