Mrs. Tara Barsotti
Teacher:  Grade 5

Biography: This is my second year teaching at St. Paul. 'm thrilled to be apart of such a gifted and dedicated staff and community. I have felt called to the teaching profession since a very young age.  My formal training was at University of Portland and University of Oregon.  I have been working in the field of education for 14 years.  Outside of the classroom I enjoy learning new things, reading, being active, and spending time outside with my family.  


Contact me:
Phone: (541) 344-1401 ext.113

Mrs. Marcia Caruso
Instructional Assistant

Years assisting: 28 years in education at St. Paul.

Biography: I have always thought I have had the best job ever. I have enjoyed working with all the teachers and staff we have had over the years.  I love working with the children especially when they make me laugh. I think they have kept me young. I wear a lot of hats here (do different jobs) but what is most rewarding for me is being with the students.

Contact me:
Phone: (541) 344-1401 ext.303

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Welcome to fifth grade at St. Paul Parish School. This is a year full of change and transition as students move to the upper wing and spend the year preparing for the increasing demands that middle school will bring. Ongoing instruction in faith formation provides a framework for students as they grow into middle schoolers.

For the first time, students are given letter grades and will keep track of daily class work in an assignment journal. Students will also log-on to the TeacherEase program to check the status of assignments and grades. The digital locker (on TeacherEase) contains specific assignments and project information.

In the spring, our class participates in an overnight camp-in at OMSI in Portland. Students enjoy several hands-on learning projects throughout the school year.

5th GRADE CURRICULUM (focal points)

The Sacraments, the Trinity, the Church, prayer & worship

Language Arts
Reading, writing, and literature. Book reports focused on specific genres.

Addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals, division of whole numbers, analysis of the properties of 2 and 3 dimensional shapes including volume and surface area.

Force, energy, matter, living and non-living things; how they interact and function together to form systems, scientific inquiry, and engineering design

Steps to Respect, Second Steps, Called to Protect, God’s Own Making 

Social Studies
Civics and government, economics, geography, U.S. history

Art, Physical Education, Spanish, Music, Computer Technology, and Library

We are off to a great start!

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