Mr. Scott Ahrens
Teacher: Grade 7 Homeroom, Middle School Social Sciences, Health, 7th & 8th Grade Art 

Years teaching: 15 years at St. Paul.

Biography: Teaching at Saint Paul is a wonderful environment to invest in the lives of students by providing opportunities for them to explore new material and develop necessary life skills. It is my prayer to inspire learning, promote kindness, develop character, and model genuine Christ-like attitudes.

Contact me:
Phone: (541) 344-1401 ext.316
Home Phone: (541) 510-3670

Middle School Team:

Language Arts: Ms. Meara Gilhooly
E-mail: Phone: (541) 344-1401 ext.315

Math: Mr.Mike Shultz
E-mail: Phone: (541) 344-1401 ext.317

Science: Ms. Tracey Smith
Phone: (541) 344-1401 ext.305

Social Science: Mr. Scott Ahrens
E-mail: Phone: (541) 344-1401 ext.316

Physical Education: Mr. Josh Harbert
E-mail: Phone: (541) 344-1401 ext.324

Spanish: Mrs. Tracy Villada
E-mail: Phone: (541) 344-1401 ext.415

Music: Mr. Jim Reinking
E-mail: Phone: (541) 344-1401 ext.322

Instructional Assistant:
Mrs. Patty Menezes

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Welcome to seventh grade – what a year this proves to be for our students. The word “transition” sums up well what happens in seventh grade. Not only do students change and grow a great deal, but their perspectives on academic and social life are in constant motion.

As a homeroom, social studies, health and art teacher, I am fortunate to have the time to develop a solid understanding of who our students are as individuals. I work hard in students’ courses of study to make what they learn applicable and relevant to their lives. I strive to teach them valuable life skills that they can use presently and for years to come.

Each class will use numerous learning strategies to help students grasp key concepts and gain a thorough understanding of the subject. Our year is highlighted by the friendships we develop and the class accomplishments we make with our Buddy Class, our school and our community.

Mr. Ahrens

7th GRADE CURRICULUM (focal points)

Primary focus is upon the person of Jesus Christ, who He is, why He came, and what He wants of Us.

Language Arts
Reading focus: reading and interpreting a wide variety of literature from our culture and other cultures. Writing focus: learning to write in various types, and for various purposes and audiences. Speaking/Listening focus: present information to a peer audience using a variety of modes. Language focus: developing style and voice in writing using standard English grammar.

Rational number operations, linear equations, proportions, formulas for surface area & volume

Minerals & rocks, fossil records, plate tectonics, earthquakes & volcanoes, oceanography, astronomy, weather & climate, use of scientific method

Social Studies
World History is an opportunity for students to learn through a variety of learning strategies about numerous people and places. Will address modern day parallels and how these existing societies are both similar and different.

Art, Physical Education, Spanish, Music, Computer Technology, and Library

Curriculum Night 9/22*  MS Dance @ O'Hara 10/16  *Be sure to check TeacherEase regularly
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