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The St. Paul Parish School Advisory Council (SAC) is established by the pastor, in accord with Archdiocesan policy. The SAC assists the pastor and the principal in the governance of the school. The SAC is composed of the pastor, the principal, and volunteers from the school and parish.

The SAC advises and consults with the pastor and the principal on the school’s planning, policy development, financing, development, and public relations.

Meetings are scheduled on the second Tuesday of each month during the school year, except December and June. A ‘Parents’ Forum’ is available at the beginning of each meeting for school parents to present issues and ask questions of the SAC.

The council is comprised of up to eleven individuals involved in the parish and/or school, plus the pastor, principal, a school staff member, and a member of the St. Paul School Foundation. The pastor and the principal each appoint one Catholic to the council.

Standing Committees and Current Chairs are:
School Advisory Council - Julie Foster
Budget & Finance - Leticia Ficek
Facilities - Jason Martin/Tom Dugan
Public Relations - Lark Kalstad
Parent-Teacher - Rebecca Culver/Patti Kast
Student Enrichment - Sherilyn Schwartz
Strategic Planning - Fr. David/Kelli Braud/Julie Foster/

Monthly meeting dates are listed in the school calendar. If you would like to attend, check the Voyager or with the office to confirm the date and your attendance.

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