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Called to Protect™ is the most up-to-date, comprehensive safe environments program available today. Featuring an introduction by Bishop Gregory Aymond, Chairman of the USCCB Committee for the Protection of Children and Young People, this four-part multi-media series is designed to help dioceses fulfill the training requirements of the Charter. Volunteers at St. Paul School are required to take the training courses.

Called To Protect™ is an internet-based course for parents to learn the skills they need to keep all children safe in the environment in which they are volunteering.

Parents learn:

  • How to recognize interactions between adults and children that may be inappropriate or put a child at risk for abuse.
  • How to respond if they see something of concern.
  • Skills to begin teaching their own children how to protect themselves from abuse.

Most importantly, parents and families can use the skills and information they learn to keep their children safe in environments such as school, child care, and sports programs.

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