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Foundation Logo St. Paul School Foundation - An Endowment for Tuition Assistance

For 31 years the St. Paul School Foundation has committed to supporting St. Paul Parish School as it fulfills its mission "to provide a Catholic education fostering the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social development of each student in a safe, nurturing environment."

The Foundation does this primarily by providing tuition assistance for families who would otherwise be unable to afford a Catholic education. Over the past five years, we have been blessed to see 271 students benefit from these scholarships, as their children grow intellectually, physically, and spiritually.

Foundation funds are managed by the Foundation Board, volunteers who devote their time to seeing that we continue to fulfill our mission.


Dear St. Paul School Foundation,

I always believed in the popular slogan, "It Takes A Village To Raise A Child" and have never stopped searching for "The Village" to help me raise my kids.

Last year I lost most of the financial assistance I had been receiving to help cover my daughter's tuition at St. Paul Parish School. I struggled with the decision to tell my daughter she'd be changing schools. Once I did tell her she was so upset that she refused to tell her friends.

Over the summer, Mrs. Braud left me several phone messages asking to discuss my decision. We finally met just before the school started and I am so thankful she hadn't given up on me. I will never forget how I felt listening to her share with me all the people who wanted to see my daughter return to St. Paul and how the Foundation was committed and willing to offer financial assistance.

That day I realised that my family had been part of a "Village" for the past two years and that village was St. Paul. I was thrilled to tell my daughter she was staying at St. Paul Parish School. After a moment filled with high pitched screams and thank yous she said to me, "I knew I was going to stay at St. Paul because I've prayed every night and God knows I belong there."

With much appreciation,
A St. Paul Parent