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Saint Paul Parish School is a Community of…


Spiritually Inspired People

 I am Christ-like through words and actions

  • Demonstrate respect for God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
  • Learn and share about our Catholic faith
  • Participate in prayer and Mass
  • Care for God’s Creation

Intellectually Engaged People

I am a thinker and problem solver

  • Self-manage
  • Demonstrate my best effort
  • Communicate effectively
  • Use technology as a learning tool


 Socially Responsible People

I respect myself and others

  • Show kindness
  • Serve others
  • Practice modesty and humility
  • Resolve conflicts peacefully


Physically Aware People

I make safe and healthy choices

  • Respect boundaries
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship and self-control
  • Participate in physical activities






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