Ms. Tracey Smith
Teacher grades 5-8

Years teaching: 24 years in education; 17 years at St. Paul.

Biography:  Science is a way of understanding the world God gave us.  There are many kinds of science; I focus on the sciences of Earth, Life, and Physical.  At St. Paul Parish School we use the curriculum Simply Science which supports learning science in a variety of ways.  I strive to inspire curiosity in students through the use of experiments, demonstrations, use of technology, reading, writing, and field trips.  Science is truly a "doing" subject.

Contact me:
Phone: (541) 344-1401 ext.305

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6th Grade Science

Focus is mainly plants, animals, cells, and ecosystems using scientific inquiry method for labs. Lab opportunities may include growing plants and making observations, dissecting flowers to identify the basic parts, and dissecting owl pellets. Students work with others to gain strength in science performance skills as well as how to cooperate and communicate with others. Sixth graders spend a week at Outdoor School where they focus on faith building, community building and science skills. Parents provide the supervision and are chaperones for this event.


Adopt-a-Farm and Outdoor School

7th Grade Science

Focus continues to be using the scientific inquiry method while learning about plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, minerals, rocks, fossils, crystals, the ocean, and space. Hands-on activities as well as project based learning is prevalent throughout the year. The 7th Graders go to the Aquarium and Hatfield Marine Science Center for an over night trip and sleep with the sharks. Parents are needed to chaperone the event.


Oregon Coast Aquarium

8th Grade Science


Students learning about science using scientific inquiry and hands-on activities such as making cars, baking cakes, the use of chemicals, and field trips. Units include chemistry, physics of waves, history and advancement of technology, energy (the transfer of energy, types of energy), electricity and magnetism. Complementing their education, students spend a day in Portland at OMSI in the chemistry lab and exploring other the exhibits.



 7th Grade Aquarium Trip 3/6-3/7


6th Grade Outdoor School 5/12-5/16

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