Mr. Jim Reinking

Years teaching: 31 years in education;
25 years at St. Paul.

Biography: I have been a music specialist/band and choir director for 30 years; 25 in my current position at St. Paul and Marist. God has been so good to me as He has given me the opportunity to teach and make music with children all the while being able to share His love and teachings with those He has put in my classroom.

Contact me:
Phone: (541) 344-1401 ext.322

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1st - 4th grades: We sing songs of various genres combined with rhythmic motions. We learn basic quarter note and eighth note values and perform them with clap drills or simple percussion instruments. We explore the highlights of classical music and its composers. We prepare and perform two concerts/musicals. We learn treble clef note reading skills with games and worksheets and perform on recorders.

5th - 8th grades: We study music history from all western cultures ie. classical, jazz/blues, country/folk, and rock/pop through listening and discussion. We learn more advanced concepts of music theory and harmony in two levels of band. We prepare and perform two musicals each year.

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