Mr. Josh Harbert

Years teaching: 9 years at St. Paul.

Biography: I have been the full-time, Kindergarten through 8th grade Physical Education Teacher and Athletic Director at St. Paul Parish School for nine years and have had the opportunity to share my faith with students as the eighth grade religion teacher for the last three years.  I have also enjoyed teaching 6th grade for the last three years.  I began my college under-graduated courses at Southern Oregon University but after two years of schooling, I transferred to Northwest Christian University (NCU). I graduated from NCU in the education program and received my teaching certificate and licensure. Soon after I began graduate courses and gained my Masters of Arts in Teaching at Grand Canyon University. I have treasured my time at St. Paul Parish School because it gives me the opportunity to work in a community that has faith at the core of its educational structure. I enjoy being a positive influence for students in an active and athletic environment and I love encouraging all students to live a healthy lifestyle through physical education and a variety of activities.

Contact me:
Phone: (541) 344-1401 ext.324

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Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Physical Education
The majority of activities for students in these grades are individual in nature and centered on learning movement concepts through theme development. Movement principles, body control and management skills, and correctly following different sets of directions are an emphasis in most activities. There is a major focus on locomotor skills, balance, and coordination. Throughout the year students learn and use these newly acquired skills through a variety a different games, exercises and sports. Basic foundational sport skills are taught and practiced at the individual level as well as with partners and occasionally small groups. The values of safety, cooperation, and sportsmanship are encompassed in every lesson highlighting the Schoolwide Learning Expectations that are woven throughout the program.

3rd – 5th Grade Physical Education
As these grade levels present a greater range of abilities within each class, the refinement of fundamental skills and movements are emphasized through a variety of sports, exercises and games. The development of specialized skills takes a greater role in activities on a daily basis. Cooperation with peers is integral as more emphasis is placed on partner, group and team activities. Communication, teamwork, and leadership become a more important responsibility for students. Sport lead-up activities and team sports are employed so students can use, practice, and develop skills further. Our Schoolwide Learning Expectations are woven throughout the program.

6th – 8th Grade Physical Education
For students in these grades, activities shift towards specialized skills and sport activities. Students continue learning and improving sport skills while participating in cooperative games of different types. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a wider variety of individual and team sports. Tournaments are held within specific sports to encourage teamwork, cooperation, and healthy competition. One example of this is the annual badminton doubles-tournament. Greater emphasis is placed on muscular and cardiovascular, strength and endurance. Fitness routines are established and implemented to focus students on making personal improvements in different fitness areas. Instruction is given to guide students in making decisions on personal approaches to maintaining physical fitness levels and enhancing their mental and spiritual outlook on life. Students are guided to understand and gain an appreciation for living an active life style and our Schoolwide Learning Expectations are woven throughout the program.
Presidential Fitness Testing
Students in grades 1 – 8 are administered fitness testing twice a year. Ample class time is dedicated for students to practice and prepare for these fitness tests as they approach. The Presidential Fitness Testing includes a pull-up test, a sit and reach flexibility test, the shuttle run, a one-minute sit-up test, and a one-mile run.

Cooperative Learning
Throughout the school year students in all grades participate in different cooperative learning exercises and games to promote, practice, and encourage teamwork, communication, and cooperation with classmates. Building relationships within each class and enhancing the school environment is a primary focus.

We will be kickig off the year in middle school with ultimate frisbee and flag football.  The elementary students will be developing soccer skills and playing mini games.  Fitness testing will be thrown in the mix as well as a variety of fun cooperative team games.
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