Mrs. Tracy Villada
Teacher, Spanish, grades K-8

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Phone: (541) 344-1401 ext.415

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We explore the richness of Spanish-speaking cultures in support of the experience of learning the Spanish language. Games, stories, puppets, songs, skits, art projects, cooking and cultural information all supplement the study of Spanish. All students use Spanish workbooks and cultural notebooks created especially for Saint Paul School. The middle school students also use a three-part middle school textbook and an interactive DVD.  

Goals for students in grades K – 8
1. Hear, understand, speak, read and write in Spanish
2. Participate in cultural activities from the Spanish-speaking world
3. Recognize and use Spanish vocabulary and phrases
4. Participate in games, songs and skits that teach Spanish grammar and vocabulary
5. Participate in Spanish conversational exercises called Solo Español

Spanish program units by grade level

Numbers, colors, insects & frogs, farm animals, seasons, plants and parts of the body, songs, puppets, play-acting and active games and an original song in Spanish for the Christmas season.

1st Grade
Numbers, colors, classroom objects, foods, clothing, faces, families and pets, songs, games and play-acting, making tambourines and performing a traditional Spanish song for Christmas.

2nd Grade
Colors, numbers, greetings, simple Spanish conversations, Spanish gender grammar, days of the week, classroom words, clothing, food, places and body parts, songs, games and play-acting and a Spanish parade about colors.

3rd Grade
Colors, numbers, commands, greetings, simple Spanish grammar, conversations, classroom words, days of the week, months, clothing, food, places, body parts, Spanish gender grammar, feelings and pets, skits, songs, games and play-acting and making finger puppets to perform Spanish greetings.  

4th Grade
Colors, numbers, greetings & conversations, classroom words, days of the week, months, clothing, food, places, body parts and Spanish gender grammar, an introduction of Spanish verb usage, and vocabulary used for home life, skits, songs and games and making sock puppets to perform plays in Spanish.

5th Grade
Colors, numbers, body parts, clothing, weather and seasons, a deeper study of Spanish grammar, use of verbs, using irregular verbs, telling time, gender grammar, occupations, opposites, sports, shapes, and sizes of things, creating and performing a play based on a traditional Spanish children’s song.

6th Grade
Fun, in-depth study of Spanish vocabulary and grammar, greetings, pronouns and simple verbs, following the journey of a boy and his friends across Latin America, interactive DVD for vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar practice, creating altars for El día de los muertos. 

7th Grade
Study of vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar through the continued journey of a boy and friends across Latin America, making Spanish desserts, cooking tamales and create and put on a fashion show in Spanish.  

8th Grade
Study of vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar through the authentic experiences of a group of young people in Latin America and Spain, design, film and present Spanish Mystery Theater, create traditional meals from Spanish speaking countries.


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