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In an effort to communicate more effectively with parents, St. Paul Parish School has implemented an Internet-based system to correspond with parents. The TeacherEase™ Program allows parent to log-in and view their child’s course assignments, attendance, and daily grades.

This program enables parents and members of St. Paul staff to correspond via email when notable events will occur. In addition, parents can find the school calendar on-line through TeacherEase.

For a parent to gain access to TeacherEase, an account will be setup by the administration staff at St. Paul. Parents will then receive an email message with your child’s login and password information. Upon login, the parent can access their student(s) information only.

In grades five through eight, we encourage students to check their information and follow their progress. They can use this as a tool to motivate themselves to do well and communicate with teachers.

This program was made available to our families through a special “raise your bid card” restricted funds account at the 2009 auction. Many thanks to all of our donors who helped finance this great tool for our families.

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