Fundraising & Volunteer Coordinator


The following are the requirements to volunteer with children in accordance with the Archdiocese of Portland:

1. Background Check
Every parent/guardian or potential volunteer at the school must have a background check completed whether you are working with children or not. Background checks are renewed every 3 years. Once your background is processed you will receive a card from the Archdiocese of Portland that allows you to volunteer at any parish, school, or other entity within the Archdiocese. The issue and expiration date are also listed on the card for your reference.

2. Complete the “Standards of Conduct; for Ministry with Children & Youth” module
Once your background check is complete – you are entered into the Armatus® system by the Archdiocese and will receive login information. You need to login, read and agree to comply with the Archdiocesan Standards of Conduct.
If you forget your login password, please contact Cissy Kast at

3. Attend Called to Protect™ Training
A. Volunteers working with children four or more times a year or chaperoning an overnight fieldtrip are required to attend Called to Protect™ training.
B. The training consists of watching two videos –
1. Called to Protect for Parents and Families and
2. Called to Protect for Ministries. Training lasts about 1 hour.

  • C. Training is offered at St. Paul in the Fall and various times throughout the year at other locations. Check the Archdiocese training schedule for times and locations.

4. Complete online yearly “refresher” training courses
A. There are yearly online refresher courses through Armatus® that are required to be completed if working with children four or more times a year. Each course takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

  • B. The courses can be accessed through Armatus® using the same login mentioned above. You will notice when you first login, the courses (in the left margin below Archbishop Vlazny’s picture and letter) will indicate “pending”. Once you complete a course, it will then reflect the date of completion.

USER NAME - First initial of your first name and your full last name. (Robert Smith=rsmith)

PASSWORD - Four numerical digits of your birthday, followed by your state abbreviation. (March 26 birthday of an Oregonian=0326or) 







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