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Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to St. Paul Parish School. Thank you for joining us on a voyage in faith and learning. As the principal of our school, I am fortunate to be at the center of a rich community of students, families and friends. I hope I can make all of you feel as at home here as you have made me feel.

Family, faith, education and community are all very important to me. They are the reasons I am here. In addition to being an administrator and an educator, I am also a parent of four who recognizes that the needs of each individual child are unique. Currently, two of my children are students here, and I’ve seen firsthand the difference our school has made in their lives.

It’s crucial to me that all of our parents feel as though their child’s needs are being met at St. Paul Parish School and that all of our students feel as though they are a part of something special. I encourage you to let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I’m here to make sure that we succeed on all fronts in providing each and every one of our students with the foundation they need for lifelong learning.

From our Schoolwide Learning Expectations to our Family Participation Program, you will find that we are practicing and encouraging so many vital principles at St. Paul Parish School. By working together to instill these Christian values, we can continue to make our school the best possible place for our children – a safe and nurturing environment where spiritual, intellectual, physical and social development will flourish.

In Christ's peace,
Kelli Braud


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